• 09-25-2019

CSTS Dinamika completes motion-base Mi 28N FMS state testing

CSTS Dinamika has passed state testing of a motion-base Mi‑28N Full Mission Simulator (FMS) designed to train the aircrews in their main tasks related to piloting, navigation and handling of the helicopter.

The simulator was built as a part of an R&D project undertaken to develop and implement advanced technologies for flight training aids, including those of the highest complexity category – the motion-base simulators. Such simulators replicate flight to the maximum degree of realism, not only delivering real-life motion effects, but also enabling a number of specific training tasks, which can be practiced in a high-fidelity environment unattainable in fixed-base devices.

The simulator provides flight crew training in piloting the Mi-28N helicopter over the entire operational envelope of altitudes and speeds, under manual and automatic control, including VFR, IFR and NVG operations. The FMS key capabilities include training in combat employment of the helicopter's weapons suite, basic combat missions and crew procedures for flight emergencies in accordance with the helicopter Flight Manual (FM).

Based on a full-dome multi-channel projection complex, the FMS visual system covers a FOV from -35° to +90° vertically and ±95° horizontally, generating visuals for an area of at least 250 km × 250 km. The motion system features a 6DOF dynamic platform to provide high-quality simulation of linear and angular motions and accelerations perceptible in the cockpit in real flight.

The FMS Instructor Operator Station (IOS) is a standardized structural module that provides tools for the management and monitoring of the training process. In particular, the IOS capabilities include mission setup, continuous video monitoring of the trainees' actions, in-session exercise update, debriefing and filing of training results.

The simulator can function as a part of an Integrated Training Complex (ITC) for the Mi-28N personnel or as an independent training device.

State testing of the Mi-28N FMS to confirm the prototype's compliance with its technical and performance specifications was conducted by experts from the Chkalov State Testing Center. The state testing resulted in an approval of the FMS with a recommendation for serial manufacturing.

Due to its advanced flight simulation capabilities, the new motion-base FMS brings flight crew training to a new level of fidelity, making it possible to fully prepare the crews for their tasks in line with the Mi-28N helicopter role.

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