• 08-26-2019

MAKS-2019: CSTS Dinamika's debut in unmanned aviation

JSC CSTS Dinamika is going to participate in the 10th edition of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2019 to be held August 27th – September 1st in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region.

The event will see an unveiling of Dinamika's latest product – the rotary-wing UAV Target Decoy with over 300 kg takeoff weight. The unmanned rotorcraft will be showcased on DINAMIKA Group's joint display in Pavilion C2.

Well-established in the Russian aviation community as a leading provider of cutting-edge flight simulators, the Center for Scientific and Technical Services Dinamika took an interest in unmanned technologies back in 2014. Since then, working in cooperation with industry partners, Dinamika has made considerable progress in conceptual design, prototyping and manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and their components.

The rotary-wing UAV Target Decoy to be displayed at MAKS-2019 has been built for a new Air Defense Training System (ADTS-UAV), which comprises a suite of fixed- and rotary-wing UAV targets varying in size and weight.

This is the first unmanned rotorcraft belonging to this size group ever designed, built and tested in Russia. With takeoff weight at an impressive 315 kg, its flight endurance makes up at least 1 hour, altitude ‑ 2,500 m and operational range ‑ at least 100 km, while operating ambient temperature can vary from ‑30°С to +40°С.

The ADTS-UAV was tested in a dedicated facility designed specifically for the project and certified by Russia's Ministry of Industry and Trade Aviation Industry Department. Completed in July 2019, the ADTS-UAV flight and design approval testing confirmed that its performance characteristics comply with their specifications and, for some parameters, even exceed design data by 5-15%.

Besides the UAV targets, the ADTS-UAV includes a ground control post, specialized payload equipment and ground service facilities. With alternative payloads, a system like ADTS-UAV could be used for a variety of civil applications: most importantly, monitoring of forest fires, oil extraction and transportation facilities, agricultural lands, border areas, etc. The ADTS-UAV is now in state testing, and Dinamika is making preparations for serial manufacturing.

Competing for a share of the UAV market, Dinamika remains dedicated to its core business – flight simulation. With the flight training methodology and quality requirements constantly evolving, simulator manufacturers will never stop searching for new solutions to keep up with the market's expectations.

The most notable of Dinamika's latest achievements include a series of highest-complexity motion-base Full Mission Simulators designed and built over the recent years. Working at these projects, Dinamika has been able to verify a whole range of advanced technical solutions, both in structural design and math modeling domains. Today Dinamika's consolidated manufacturing capability enables simultaneous assembly of up to 10 motion-base simulators of the highest complexity level.

Over 160 training systems built by Dinamika are currently operated in 16 flight training centers and multiple Air Force units in Russia and worldwide. Dinamika's project portfolio includes research and training simulators of varying complexity for a total of 50 aircraft modifications.

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