• 08-16-2019

CSTS Dinamika completes FAC Trainer's state testing

CSTS Dinamika has completed state testing of a Forward Air Controller (FAC) Trainer for basic and advanced training of Forward Air Controllers – ground officers that provide guidance for helicopter crews during combat missions. As a part of an Integrated Training Complex (ITC), this device can be used to simulate FAC interactions for trainee aircrews in a helicopter simulator also included in the ITC.

The FAC Trainer enables practicing of visual battlefield surveillance, air situation monitoring based on data from ground radars, targeting and helicopter guidance techniques, etc. The Trainer's hardware includes a Trainee Station, LCD Visual System, standard COMM aids and telecommunication equipment.

State testing to confirm the prototype's compliance with its technical and performance specifications was conducted by experts from the Chkalov State Testing Center. Besides standalone testing, the procedure included an evaluation of the Trainer's performance when operating in a shared virtual environment with other ITC components.

The state testing resulted in an approval of the FAC Trainer prototype with a recommendation for serial manufacturing.

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