• 08-01-2019

Dinamika's flight testing facility certified by Russia's Ministry of Industry and Trade

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has completed comprehensive evaluation of Dinamika's Flight Testing Facility approving the company's capability for proper organization and conduct of flight testing activities, flight mission control and flight operations.

A need for an in-house flight testing facility arose due to Dinamika's involvement in UAV design and manufacturing, which dates back to 2014. Dinamika had been gaining expertise in UAV conceptual design, prototyping and manufacturing, and at a certain stage it became clear that our projects would benefit from a dedicated airfield for flight testing and certification (state testing) activities.

CSTS Dinamika launched construction of the Flight Testing Facility early 2019. Today the airfield is one of Dinamika's structural units responsible for ground testing, flight testing, refinement, operation and maintenance of UAV prototypes.

"An in-house unit capable of full-fledged flight testing is an important milestone and invaluable asset for us", says Oleg Maksenkov, General Director for CSTS Dinamika. "Not only does a certified airfield enhance our expertise in unmanned technologies, but it also takes us to a principally new level as a full life cycle provider for future UAV products with proper facilities for their design, manufacturing, operation and after-sale support".

The Flight Testing Facility (FTF) principal tasks include:

  • organization and conduct of UAV prototype ground and flight testing;

  • UAV prototype verification for compliance with design specifications and other requirements;

  • follow-up activities to correct any discrepancies between a prototype's actual performance and design data.

Among its many responsibilities, the FTF will also provide:
  • organization, preparation and conduct of UAV flight and ground testing;
  • flight test data analysis and preparation of test reports;

  • comprehensive check-up and preparation of UAVs, their individual systems and ground service facilities for flight testing;

  • evaluation of UAV flight and maintenance manuals.

According to the RF Aviation Regulations, the FTF managers have passed mandatory professional evaluation and obtained certificates issued by the Central Experimental Aviation Personnel Certification Committee under the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade. The FTF aviation personnel regularly take recurrent training courses in Fedotov Test Pilot School, an independent division of Gromov Flight Research Institute.

As a certified test facility with competent and experienced staff, the FTF is fully equipped to conduct in-house flight testing and provide such services for other UAV manufacturers and operators.

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