• 07-05-2019

CSTS Dinamika completes UAV Target System testing

JCS CSTS Dinamika has completed Flight and Design Approval Testing (FDAT) of its new Air Defense Training System with UAV targets (ADTS-UAV).

Successfully completing the FDAT phase, Dinamika was able to finalize the ADTS-UAV preliminary testing, which had taken up almost 2 years. The preliminary testing comprised two phases: the Factory Testing (FT) and Flight and Design Approval Testing (FDAT). Each of the phases included ground and flight testing activities for the entire system and its multiple components: a suite of fixed- and rotary-wing UAV targets, ground control post, payload equipment and various ground aids (service equipment, etc.). So, testing the prototype for compliance with its design specifications presented quite a complex task.

Notably, according to the FDAT results, performance characteristics of the UAV targets have been found to exceed their design specifications: maximum flight altitude by 5%, maximum speed by 10% and operational endurance by 15%.

The FDAT procedure was conducted by the engineers of Dinamika's own Flight Testing Facility with the participation of experts from RF MoD Quality Control Agency and Chkalov State Testing Center. Now that the ADTS-UAV's compliance with design specifications has been verified, the system is entering its next stage of development – state testing.

Starting 2013, CSTS Dinamika has been actively working to gain expertise in unmanned aviation. Today we have created a unique capacity for conceptual design, prototyping and manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) based on different aerodynamic configurations and potentially suitable for a variety of civil and military applications. Moreover, Dinamika enjoys an in-house Flight Testing Facility (FTF) that enables a full range of bench, ground and flight testing activities for UAVs and their components according to applicable testing programs and guidelines.
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