• 02-04-2019

XXI century infantry training: DINAMIKA develops multimedia class for mine obstacle construction and breaching training

As a collaborative project with the Russian company Oboronsoft, CSTS Dinamika has developed a multimedia training class with courseware materials on various explosive anti-personnel weapons and mine obstacle clearing methods and equipment.

The Mine Obstacle Construction and Breaching Training Class (MOCB-TC) for the RF Armed Forces Engineering Troops is a first R&D effort of the kind in Russia. The Training Class comprises an Instructor Station, 30 Trainee Stations (with a build-up capability) and courseware materials based on training programs developed by Tyumen Higher Military Engineering Command School.

With the MOCB-TC, the trainees can study different explosive items and equipment for mine obstacle construction and clearing, as well as techniques to employ those assets under various field conditions. In addition, the Class provides tools for progress assessment and training results database management. The MOCB-TC courseware features highly realistic graphical and animated training materials based on 3D models. Detailed and accurate visuals and sound cues provide a highly realistic representation of real-life operations. Besides the unique course materials, the MOCB-TC enjoys cutting-edge hardware, which includes touch-screen all-in-one 24" computers (each with a cordless keyboard and mouse) and a projector controlled via Wi-Fi from the Instructor's tablet.

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