• 02-04-2019

XXI century infantry training: DINAMIKA develops multimedia class for engineering vehicle personnel

In cooperation with the Russian company Oboronsoft, CSTS Dinamika has developed a multimedia training class for the personnel of track- and wheel-base engineering vehicles. The class is intended for the RF Armed Forces Engineering Troops higher education establishments and training centers.

The Track- and Wheel-base Engineering Vehicle Training Class (TWEV-TC) comprises tools for theoretical and practical training, which help the students learn about the design of various engineering vehicles and get acquainted with their maintenance and field repair practices. Based on a modular architecture, the class enables further upgrades.

The TWEV-TC training modules provide:

  • Instructor-guided classroom training (with automatic progress assessment).

  • Self-study (with a self-check capability).

  • Practical training in engineering vehicle maintenance and repair (with a self-check capability).

Practical exercises can be held in hangar, factory or field environments. For this type of training, the trainees will work with industrial-grade tablet computers that can be used on sunny days (due to their antiglare screen coating) and in sub-zero temperature conditions (up to -15°C).

Due to its cutting-edge software and hardware (which includes touch-screen all-in-one 24" computers, cordless keyboards and mice, wide-screen LCD panels and industrial-grade tablets), the class stands out as a unique product on the market today.

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