• 12-07-2018

DINAMIKA delivers Mi-28N CBT class

CSTS Dinamika has installed and commissioned a Mi‑28N CBT flight crew training class.

The CBT class comprises hardware and software for individual training and instructor-guided group sessions. The class provides theoretical training for flight crew members (pilot, navigator) and also includes materials for maintenance teams (helicopter-engine, helicopter equipment, avionics, helicopter weapons suite). Principal capabilities of the class include theoretical instruction in the helicopter configuration specifics and practicing of systems handling skills, including procedures for non-routine situations. The CBT class enables the trainees to study:

  • helicopter flight operation and equipment malfunctions according to the Flight Manual;

  • cockpit controls and monitoring devices (in the self-guided training mode);

  • cockpit equipment for helicopter systems handling and monitoring.

The Mi‑28N CBT class was designed by Dinamika's Ulyanovsk branch, whose engineers employed state-of-the-art multimedia technologies to create a realistic training environment with highly instructive and easy-to-grasp courseware materials. Those include 3D models of the helicopter systems with detailed descriptions, text and graphic materials, dynamic models, animations, interactive system handling models, independent progress assessment tools, etc.

Our first Mi‑28N CBT for flight and technical personnel was developed in 2009. This delivery is the eleventh since the CBT class was designed in 2009 and the third since its latest upgrade in 2015.

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