• 11-26-2018

Dinamika completes state testing of Ka 29 Integrated Training Complex

CSTS Dinamika has passed state testing of an integrated training complex (ITC) for the aircrews and technical personnel of the Ka‑29 ship-based assault transport helicopter.

The Ka‑29 ITC provides theoretical and practical training of the naval aviation aircrews and technical personnel in a full range of their respective tasks. In addition, the complex can be used to check operational readiness of the helicopter personnel. All the ITC components can be manufactured as standalone systems.

Back in 2010 CSTS Dinamika pioneered in the Russian military S&T market with an innovative approach to the development of military flight training aids. What we proposed was a transfer from standalone simulator installations to the development of integrated training complexes that can comprise various combinations of CBT systems, simulators of varying complexity levels, simulated workstations for ground operators that may communicate with the crew during flight missions ‑ all operating in a virtual world created by a tactical environment simulation system.

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