• 11-14-2018

CSTS Dinamika has built motion-base Ka 27M Full Mission Simulator

CSTS Dinamika has built motion-base Ka‑27M Full Mission Simulator. The new device is one a whole line of technical training aids of varying complexity included in an Integrated Training Complex (ITC) for naval aviation flight crews and maintenance personnel.

The FMS enables initial and recurrent flight crew training in a wide range of tasks related to piloting, navigation and combat employment of the upgraded Ka‑27M antisubmarine warfare helicopter.

As a motion-base device, not only does the FMS provide realistic acceleration cues, but it also enables a series of specific training tasks. Those include practicing of piloting techniques at hovering near the ground or water surface, precise maneuvering, landing on deck of a carrier in motions due to rough weather, etc. What is more, motion-base simulators provide more realistic representation of flight control in various non-routine situations caused by in-flight technical failures (engines, helicopter systems, flight control) or, for example, severe air turbulence.

The FMS features a multichannel dome screen projection system that provides realistic out-of-cockpit visuals, including visible terrain and various ground, overwater and aerial objects (moving and stationary) under any time-of-day, weather, cloudiness and other conditions. For proper simulation of a carrier-based helicopter, the FMS visual system displays surface ships, sea surface under various surge conditions and carrier deck structures.

The Instructor Operator Station (IOS) is a standard terminal with capabilities for training session planning and management. From the IOS, the instructor can set up mission scenarios, change flight conditions during training, view video feeds from cockpit cameras, debrief missions and file training results.

The Ka‑27M FMS can operate as a part of the ITC or as a standalone training device.

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