• 11-01-2018

CSTS Dinamika builds Mi-8MTV-1 FMS for Russia's National Guard

CSTS Dinamika has fulfilled its contract obligations and delivered a Full Mission Simulator (FMS) for the aircrews operating the Mi‑8MTV‑1 multirole transport helicopters of the Russian Federation National Guard (Rosgvardia).

Designed to develop lasting pilot skills, the Mi‑8MTV‑1 FMS provides aircrew training and proficiency assessment in a realistic cockpit environment with all the helicopter systems simulated. The simulator's capabilities cover training in normal operations, aggressive maneuvering and emergency procedures for non-routine situations caused by technical failures, pilot error or adverse weather conditions.

The FMS features an 8-channel dome screen projection system with digital image generation. The visual system provides continuous seamless out-of-cockpit imagery with a FOV of at least 240°H×60°V for each crewmember. The image generation system provides out-of-cockpit visuals for all flight stages and modes, altitudes and speeds, time-of-day and weather conditions within the visible spectrum. Covering an operations area of 200×200 km, the FMS visual scene provides highly detailed representation of underlying terrain and almost all real-life objects and special effects (sunlight dispersion, fog, cloudiness, dynamic shadows, whiteout, brownout, etc.).

"Rosgvardia is a new customer for Dinamika, and this first project has been very important to us", says Oleg Maksyonkov, CSTS Dinamika's General Director. "We have been manufacturing Mi‑8/17 simulators for quite a while now, but we always strive to improve and update our products. We realize that, with the technologies constantly advancing, our customers will expect more from our products and from training in general. We believe that this first project with Rosgvardia has been a success and our cooperation will continue in the future".

The Mi‑8MTV‑1 FMS was deployed in a brand new Flight Training Center designed according to all the standards for modern aviation training centers. Dinamika's engineers completed installation and commissioning and delivered a training course for Rosgvardia's pilots and instructors, who had no prior experience with such complex training devices. Flight training with the use of advanced technical training aids remains an important issue with Rosgvardia: The service operates a fleet that includes various modifications of the Mi‑8 helicopter.

CSTS Dinamika has a long history manufacturing various types of simulators for almost all the current Mi‑8/17 modifications. Starting in 2006, Dinamika has provided Mi‑8/17 simulators for the RF MoD, domestic civil aviation agencies and foreign customers. Today Dinamika's simulators for Mi‑8MTV, Mi‑8T, Mi‑17‑1V, Mi‑17V‑5, Mi‑171, Mi‑8MTV‑5 and Mi‑8AMTSh are successfully operated as standalone devices or as parts of integrated training complexes that provide an entire training cycle for flight and technical personnel.

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