• 09-05-2017

CSTS Dinamika completes MiG-29B combat trainer upgrade

CSTS Dinamika has completed overhaul and upgrade of the MiG‑29B Special-purpose Combat Trainer.

Built by CSTS Dinamika in cooperation with RAC MiG and delivered in 2003, until recently the Combat Trainer was successfully operated by the Myanmar Air Force. However, the past decade has seen dramatic advances in projection, computer systems, hardware components and other areas of technology. Aware of these changes, the Customer eventually decided on a comprehensive upgrade of the device. The upgrade was to ensure significantly improved technical characteristics and simulation fidelity, reduced power consumption and a 10-year longer service life (in the existing aircraft configuration).

The project included thorough upgrade of almost all the trainer's key systems. The device was provided with a new high-performance computer system, equipment interface and cockpit cabling. The upgrade also covered the trainer's imitated cockpit instruments, head-up display and helmet-mounted target designation system interface. Another key component of the simulator, the visual system, went through a comprehensive upgrade as well. Besides the new projectors, projector mounts and cabling, the visual system now features new real-time image generation software with a new 3D objects database and detailed representation of terrain near four airdromes selected by the Customer.

"Actually, this project did not present something totally unprecedented for us. Over the recent years Dinamika has worked out a technology for the upgrade of obsolete simulators to ensure they meet up-to-date requirements", says Vladimir Khvostantsev, General Director for CSTS Dinamika. "Under contracts with the RF MoD, we have completed a series of projects for the upgrade of the Russian Air Force simulator fleet, and we understand this problem quite well. The technology is developing very fast, with the training quality requirements following close. I believe these two factors will be more and more important in the near future".

Basically, as a result of the upgrade the Customer gets a new device that complies with FMS-level requirements across the entire range of training tasks (piloting, navigation, combat employment, aircraft systems handling and emergency procedures). The upgrade is expected to boost the quality of flight training in the Myanmar Air Force, also expanding the simulator's combat training capability. Furthermore, it is to provide a significant improvement of the trainer's performance and reliability characteristics.

Besides the upgrade, the contract also covers training of the Customer's personnel at the MiG‑29B Special-purpose Combat Trainer installation site.
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