• 08-30-2017

CSTS Dinamika presents its Unique Airborne Trooper Training Complex

CSTS Dinamika has successfully completed a prototype Airborne Trooper Training Complex (ATTC) for individual and group wing-type parachute operations training.

Many of the new ATTC's characteristics surpass those of similar systems available on the market. Unlike its predecessor (Dinamika's earlier Parachute Simulator, now successfully operated by a number of organizations), the new ATTC enables group training sessions with the trainees seeing one another through virtual reality goggles. What sets the new ATTC apart from the existing alternatives is the capability for simulation of a much wider range of failures and non-routine situations (twisted suspension lines, slider hang-up, etc.). This has been achieved due to the extended functional capabilities for the handling of a parachute's free ends and trimmers, as well as enhanced standard parachute control for better coordination between the group members.

The ATTC replicates the entire parachute jump from exit to landing in the designated spot subject to the preselected initial conditions and control toggle inputs. To boost psychological readiness for potentially stressful situations, the ATTC enables practicing of reserve parachute engagement techniques in various emergency situations, including canopy distortion, end cell closures, ruptured canopy or suspension lines, etc.

The ATTC visual system is a hardware and software module comprising specialized software, visual system computers and a helmet with stereoscopic virtual reality goggles. The visual system generates imagery of the surrounding airspace, visible terrain and various objects (ground and aerial, stationary and moving) ‑ day and night and under various weather conditions. The system also provides special effects, which, for example, can help the jumper evaluate surface wind speed and direction. The ATTC is the first system to employ the latest version of Constanta-Design's Zarnitsa image generation software, which provides highly detailed rendering of objects near the ground (for example, leaves and branches of trees that move with the wind, so the trainees can determine wind direction in the absence of other cues in the landing area). Besides that, Zarnitsa provides high-quality representation of the paratrooper and the canopy itself, offering various animation features that enable simulation of most crucial failures mentioned above.

Due to the original technical solutions realized in Dinamika's ATTC to ensure the highest simulation fidelity, this new complex is among the top internationally available products of this type and can be used for a wide range of civil and military applications.

The ATTC has already passed state testing with a recommendation for serial manufacturing issued.
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