• 06-19-2017

FORUM 01' (19) 2017

We are proud to present another issue of our corporate magazine FORUM 01' (19) 2017. In addition to our traditional focus on simulation and training, this time FORUM explores the issues of virtual and augmented realty and the effect these technologies may have on simulation in the future.
In this issue you will find materials on the following:
  • Il 112V part-task trainer prototype: development and functionality for the aircraft designers (articles It’s just the beginning and Il 112V part-task trainer prototype);
  • industrial robotic manipulators and their potential for application in simulator motion systems (article What sort of thing is this KUKA?)
  • augmented reality technologies and their possible flight training applications (article Augmented everything);
  • CSTS Dinamika’s experience in the adoption of the T-FLEX data management system;
  • short-stroke motion platforms for flight simulators (article Mini Motion Systems, Maxi Flexibility);
  • and many other interesting materials.

Full electronic version of FORUM can be found in our Media Center.
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