• 12-28-2016

Dinamika completes VTOL UAS prototype

CSTS Dinamika has completed an R&D project for conceptual design of a new multipurpose vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial system (UAS).

A collaborative effort with industry partners, this project was realized in line with the best traditions of the Russian aviation engineering school. From the very beginning the project was characterized by meticulous R&D work at each stage of the conceptual design process. The project’s early stages involved study and consideration of similar systems and prototypes currently existing in the world, patent research and definition of the system’s operational concept. We analyzed principal technologies for the project, defined conceptual design of the system and drone demonstrator models (aerodynamic configuration, power plant, payload, etc.) and developed guidelines for ground and flight testing.

The project also involved research and experimental testing of various VTOL drone configurations (fixed-wing, rotary-wing and tiltrotor variants). We built a series of prototype VTOL drones based on various aerodynamic configurations. Those were put to thorough bench, ground and flight testing in order to verify the vehicle’s conceptual design and system requirements. Finally, we successfully completed flight testing of the UAS prototypes with each drone configuration developed in the course of the project.

Ultimately, the project has yielded a considerable technology advance to the development of new VTOL unmanned aerial systems that can be used for a wide range of civil and military applications.
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