• 12-26-2016

Forum 02' (18) 2016 issue

Dinamika is proud to present issue 02' (18) 2016 of its corporate magazine FORUM. This issue is focusing on the latest developments in motion cueing and visual technologies, which have always been at the forefront of civil and military simulation. This time our materials on the international S&T trends are published with commentaries from the leading industry experts.

Also in this issue:

  • unique simulators for medical and HF&E research (CSTS Dinamika);

  • latest simulator system for individual and group airborne trooper training (CSTS Dinamika);

  • development and promotion of the new generation visual system Aurora 3 (Kronshtadt Group);

  • multirotor UAVs: capabilities and possible applications – under the new UNMANNED section (JSC INNOTECH);

  • civil and military flight simulator census;

  • international S&T trends;

  • history of aviation psychology in Russia;

  • and many other interesting materials.

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