• 10-21-2016

Dinamika completes L-39 FMS installation and commissioning

CSTS Dinamika has successfully completed installation, commissioning and Customer’s personnel training for two L‑39 Full Mission Simulators delivered under the State Defense Order.

Dinamika built its first L‑39 FMS for the RF Navy Central Officer Training School in Ostrov back in 2007. After passing state testing in the RF MoD Chkalov State Flight Research Center, Dinamika launched serial manufacturing of the FMS. Today multiple L‑39 FMS are operated by Krasnodar Higher Military Pilot School and its branches.

The FMS offers a full range of piloting tasks in a realistic cockpit environment with all the aircraft systems simulated. The simulator enables pilot training over the entire flight envelope and practicing of crew procedures for various non-routine situations caused by technical failures, pilot error or adverse weather. The L‑39 FMS may be fitted with a variety of visual system types: three-channel optical collimation display system or multichannel projection system with a dome or cylinder screen.

The L‑39, whose maiden flight took place as far back as 1968, is one of the most popular and successful jet trainer aircraft in the world, still widely used by flight schools for all types of pilot training including ab-initio training. Today’s realities suggest that the legendary “L” will hardly be leaving training airfields any time soon. On the contrary, it may well continue to serve as a “flying desk” for many future generations of airmen.
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