Pavlenko Mikhail

The Ka-52 simulator is highly adequate to the real helicopter. The cockpit, control levels, displays, indicator panels, and most importantly the logic of how systems work fully correspond to the real combat Ka-52. Speaking about the differences I would highlight the absence of motion system that doesn’t provide a real-flight feeling due to the absence of overloads, speed-up (especially at turns and maneuvering ) and you don’t feel it when the helicopter starts to slump . But visual impressions are very similar to the real rotary-wing and the pilot accustoms to the picture in several seconds. All other sensations such as speed reaction, acceleration and braking are absolutely real. I can say that the quality of dynamic model is on a very good level as I can train the same piloting tasks at the simulator as I did at a real helicopter. It means high level of correspondence, adequacy of math model which is the most important characteristics of the training complex.

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