Arbalet-type paratrooper simulator

This new virtual reality paratrooper simulator enables training in handling the Arbalet-type parachute, counteraction of emergencies in flight, psychological stability and stress tolerance under standard and adverse jump conditions including the free fall.

The paratrooper simulator is designed to help trainees acquire bailout skills and train in sky-jumping from different heights, control speed under various winds and in different weather and seasons, day and night, under cloud covers up to 10 oktas, land on different terrains (plain, woods, highlands, etc.)

The Paratrooper Simulator comprises the following modules:

  • trainee station;
  • instructor operation station;
  • visual system consisting of a 3D virtual reality stereo goggles, tracker, and a web-camera;
  • computer complex;
  • software package.

The paratrooper simulator is targeted specially for the landing troops, EMERCOM, Department of the Interior, Forest Fire Protection Department, flying club cadets, etc.

The virtual Paratrooper Simulator is a joint development of CSTS Dinamika and Constanta-Design Ltd.

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