Dinamika wins contract for Su-34 integrated training complex


CSTS Dinamika has committed to deliver and commission a Su‑34 integrated training complex (ITC) for the RF MoD. The complex enables comprehensive flight crew and forward air controller (FAC) training in their respective combat tasks within the Su‑34 air units.

The training complex includes the following systems:

  • part-task trainer (PTT);

  • full mission simulator (FMS);

  • FAC station;

  • tactical environment simulation system (TESS).

The Su‑34 FMS, central element of the ITC, is intended for flight crew training in the entire range of the strike fighter piloting, navigation and tactical employment tasks. Besides that, the FMS enables practicing of various specific tasks including around-the-clock piloting and navigation, air combat against potential adversary’s aircraft, air combat with countermeasures involved, aerial refueling and emergency procedures. The PTT is used to familiarize the crew with the cockpit interior and help them develop skills for correct handling of the cockpit interface, power plant, aircraft systems and avionics during pre-flight preparation and in-flight. Another crucial element of the ITC is the TESS, which provides real-time simulation of operational and tactical parameters in the area selected for combat training.

Built in 2010, Dinamika’s first Su‑34 FMS is now operated in the Lipetsk Aviation Center (an establishment within the RF AF, which, besides conversion training for flight and technical personnel of combat air units, is also responsible for the development and implementation of aircraft combat employment methodology).

JSC CSTS Dinamika

JSC CSTS Dinamika is a leading provider of state-of-the-art solutions in the development, manufacturing and after-sale service of a full line of technical training aids for civil and military aircrews and technical personnel. Dinamika also has expertise in the development and manufacturing of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) based on a variety of aerodynamic configurations for a wide range of civil and military applications.

CSTS Dinamika Public Relations

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