CSTS Dinamika is to participate in the 2nd International Military High-Tech Forum Army 2016


Zhukovsky, August 20th, 2016. CSTS Dinamika is to participate in the 2nd International Military High-Tech Forum Army‑2016 held from September 6th to 11th at the RF Armed Forces Patriot Park Congress and Exhibition Center in Kubinka, Moscow Region. You will find our display in Hall No.3, stand 3D1-1.

CSTS Dinamika is going to showcase its latest technical training aids based on the most advanced cutting edge information technologies. Within its own display area of 108 m2, Dinamika is going unveil the Airborne Trooper Training Complex (ATTC) designed for individual and group wing-type parachute operations training. Importantly, the new ATTC enables simulation of various emergency situations (e.g. canopy distortion, end-cell closures, suspension line twists and ruptures), helping build confidence and stress-resistance before the paratrooper can proceed to real-life jumps. The display is going to feature an ATTC Trainee’s Station (load-carrying frame with a suspended parachute system and precision positioning for free-fall jumps) and Instructor’s Station that enables practicing of group operations with up to 12 trainees day and night, under normal and adverse weather conditions. The ATTC visual system includes hardware (computers and virtual reality headset) and specialized software. Dinamika’s guests will be able to have a go at virtual skydiving and check out the ATTC’s photorealistic representation of underlying terrain and various moving and stationary objects in the sky and on the ground.

Another new product by CSTS Dinamika, a Full Mission Simulator (FMS) for the ship-borne Ka‑52K helicopter, will be included in the RF Armed Forces simulator training display. The Ka‑52K FMS, which allows practicing of piloting, navigation and combat tasks throughout the entire envelope of altitudes and speeds, will be displayed in a fixed-base variant. The guests of the RF Armed Forces simulator training cluster will be able to take a flight in the FMS together with the Ka‑52K commander.

This is the first time Dinamika will be participating in the Forum under a new logo, which represents a change in the company’s long-term strategy now taking a turn to business diversification and product line expansion. First of all, this includes a series of efforts in advanced R&D, development of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), medical and HF&E research and some other areas.

“Flight simulation technologies will remain our priority because this is where our key competencies are”, says Vladimir Khvostantsev, CEO for CSTS Dinamika. “But in the recent years Dinamika’s experts have undertaken quite a bit of technical project evaluation work, and now we seem to have gained expertise in some new areas other than flight training. This is how we came up with our own projects for the development of unmanned aerial systems, shooting range and airdrome equipment, ground and marine vehicle simulators and simulation solutions for engineering troops”.

Dinamika’s experts are going to take part in a number of round-table discussions within the Army‑2016 business panel, including “RF MoD functions as a public procurement agency in the fulfillment of State Defense Order”, “Design and development of integrated training complexes for aerospace defense platforms and weapons: Science and technical issues”, “Management and capitalization of intellectual property and intangible assets”, etc.

Also for the first time at Army‑2016, Dinamika is going to present a new member on its exhibiting team ‑ a fully autonomous interactive promo-robot. He will interact with the guests, give them information and tours around the display, answer their questions and try to engage in any conversation.

JSC CSTS Dinamika

JSC CSTS Dinamika is a leading provider of state-of-the-art solutions in the development, manufacturing and after-sale service of a full line of technical training aids for civil and military aircrews and technical personnel.

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