CSTS Dinamika: Czech Republic’s Mi-171 simulator acquires international certification


CSTS Dinamika’s Mi‑171 simulator operated by HTP Ostrava (Czech Republic) has passed JAA certification according to the equipments of JAR FSTD H. The simulator has been awarded an FNPT III MCC certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority Czech Republic (CAA CZ).

For CSTS Dinamika, which holds multiple certificates for civil helicopter simulators issued by the Russian authorities, this first international certification was a truly unique experience. In fact, in the Mi‑171 simulator project we began preparations for the international certification procedure as early as the development stage. So, before the procedure was initiated we had already developed a full package of legitimate initial data along with the Qualification Test Guide (a principal document for certification) and subjective/objective testing methodology.

“This first successful international certification is a valuable experience for us,” says General Director for CSTS Dinamika Vladimir Khvostantsev, “First of all, it constitutes a significant contribution to our key flight simulation competencies. And secondly, it is a huge boost to our confidence in the plans to enter the international civil flight simulation markets”.

All in all, the Mi‑171 FNPT certification proved that compliance within the required tolerances can only be achieved by thorough verification of initial data and by multiple tests. For example, preliminary certification testing provided a significant improvement of the simulator’s compliance with the real helicopter. Specifically, some discrepancies in the aerodynamic/engine performance initial data were detected, and we were able update our model accordingly and make all the corrections as required by the CAA CZ before the certification.


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