CSTS Dinamika provides Mi-28N CBT class for Zhukovsky-Gagarin Air Force Academy


CSTS Dinamika has delivered and commissioned a Mi-28N CBT class to the Chelyabinsk branch of the Russian Air Force Military and Education Center Zhukovsky ‑ Gagarin Air Force Academy. The class will be used for initial and conversion training of the helicopter’s aircrews.

The system’s principal capabilities include theoretical instruction in the helicopter configuration and practicing of helicopter systems handling and initial combat employment skills, including procedures for non-routine situations. The CBT also enables the cadets to study:

  • helicopter flight operation;

  • equipment malfunctions in the scope of the Flight Manual;

  • cockpit controls and monitoring devices (in the self-guided training mode);

  • cockpit equipment for helicopter systems handling and monitoring.

Another important feature of the CBT enables task-specific progress assessment realized by a dedicated mode. In the progress assessment mode, the trainees will perform specific tasks without any prompts from the system.

Our first Mi‑28N CBT for flight and technical personnel was developed in 2009, and since then the system made its way into the most advanced military training programs reflecting technical complexity of modern aircraft. Serial Mi‑28N CBT classes are already operated Torzhok Combat Training and Aircrew Conversion Center, Voronezh Military Aviation Engineering University and in many combat units in Russia. The Mi‑28N CBT class has been delivered as a standalone system and as a part of integrated training complexes that enable a full cycle of theoretical and simulator training for the Mi‑28N aircrews.

The leaders of the Zhukovsky ‑ Gagarin Air Force Academy Chelyabinsk branch marked the project’s completion with a commendation praising Dinamika for timely delivery and excellent quality of the commissioning work.

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