CSTS Dinamika expands simulation base for helicopter training center in Czech Republic


New equipment and software developed in CSTS Dinamika enabled significant expansion for training facilities of helicopter training center HTP Ostrava in Czech Republic that provides the whole range of modern training services for flight crews and maintenance staff of the Mi-171 helicopter type. Until present days the center’s training base included CBT and Mi-171 simulator both developed in CSTS Dinamika. Installation of new software and imitator of communication facilities for work place simulation (WPS) apart from individual crews training will also allow joint training flights for two crews in a pair. The main aim of WPS is actions imitation of the leading (or guided) helicopter of the Mi-171 type when mastering the wide range of training tasks and carrying out the flight in pair. Extended training complex provides simultaneous simulation of WPS and simulator flights in united information space and at the same time leaves a possibility for independent take-off and simulation process shutdown at both WPS and simulator.

Training center HTP Ostrava was opened in 2010, later Mi-171 simulator was successfully certified by JAA (European united aviation organization) according to JAR FSTD H standards. The simulator received certificate of FNPT III MCC compliance issued by Civil Aviation Authority Czech Republic (CAA CZ). At present thousands of flight crews are training in the center yearly. International competition HIP SIMULATOR CUP takes place on a regular basis among Mi 8/17/171 crews that compete in ability to act under emergency and difficult situations.

Further development of HTP Ostrava training center and its contribution to safe flights of Russian helicopters operated in different countries of European Union is connected with its gradual filling with simulators of various difficulty levels. It is planned to use Dinamika’s experience in aviation simulation and training for successful development of the center in future.

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