CSTS Dinamika at MAKS 2015


CSTS Dinamika will participate in the XII International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015 held in Zhukovsky (Moscow region) from August 25th to August 30th on the territory of Gromov Flight Research Institute.

For the first time Dinamika will present an FMS of multipurpose fighter interceptor MiG-31BM that differs from its predecessor MiG-31B by significantly expanded military capabilities. Simulator will be displayed in chalet C3 as part of united exhibition exposition Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET) that belongs to Corporation Rostec.

For the first time MiG-21BM was presented at static display at MAKS-2007. At the upcoming MAKS-2015 visitors will have a chance to take a “virtual flight” sitting in the cockpit of MiG-31BM simulator.

The simulator provides training for the whole complex of tasks from piloting and navigation to combat missions for around-the-clock flights including operations under normal and adverse weather conditions over the whole flight envelope. Besides the simulator enables training of emergencies and failures, solo and group air fights against probable contradictor, as well as air fight under noise conditions and air refueling, etc.

The simulator’s cockpit is a full replica of the real plane’s cockpit in terms of interior, geometrical dimensions, aircraft control and navigational equipment. The visual system is a multi-channel optical-collimation system with additional channel that provides an image for navigator and design pilot in periscope mirror visible in real flight. The image generation system Raduga-KD developed by Constanta Design Company is distinguished by highly detailed underlying terrain, photorealistic images of practically all real objects and typical atmospheric effects. The simulator can be used independently and as part of the integrated training complex for MiG-31BM operating personnel.

At present MiG-31BM simulators and training complexes developed by Dinamika are being delivered in the network of State Defense Order to Air Force RF units operating MiG-31BM planes.

Apart from displaying MiG-31BM simulator in KRET chalet CSTS Dinamika will hold meetings, negotiations and conferences in 4G-2 chalet taken on lease together with its partners - RPKB and JSC Aviaavtomatika named after V.Tarasov.


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