CSTS Dinamika completes mi 8Amtsh training complex assembly


CSTS Dinamika has completed assembly of a technical training complex for the Mi‑8AMTSh aircrews and maintenance personnel (Mi‑8AMTSh TTC). Procurement of the Mi‑8AMTSh TTC is scheduled by the 2015 State Defense Order. The TTC has already passed acceptance testing by the RF MoD Quality Control Agency and, once all the required documents are properly finalized, will be shipped to its designated deployment site.

The Mi‑8AMTSh TTC includes the following systems:

  • computer-based training system (Mi‑8AMTSh CBT) for theoretical training of the helicopter flight and technical personnel;

  • full mission simulator (Mi‑8AMTSh FMS) for aircrew training;

  • tactical environment simulation complex;

  • forward air controller training station;

  • trainees’ progress assessment station.

Due to its extended configuration, the TTC offers much more than ground training for aircrews (which includes initial theoretical training, development of practical skills for handling the cockpit equipment and Full Mission Simulator training). In fact, this type of TTC is basically a turnkey solution that covers an entire ground training cycle for the personnel of air units participating in combat missions.

Serial deliveries of the Mi‑8AMTSh TTC began in 2011, when CSTS Dinamika was announced winner of the RF MoD open bidding for the delivery of new training complexes for the Russian Air Force. By that time Dinamika’s Mi‑8AMTSh TTC prototype had already passed the state testing procedure, which resulted in the recommendations for serial manufacturing of the complex.

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