CSTS Dinamika completes state tests of Ka-52 helicopter training complex


CSTS Dinamika accomplished state tests of the Ka-52 training complex according to the RF Air Force specifications.

Ka-52 training complex comprises:

  • Ка-52Full Mission Simulator;
  • Computer Based Training for theoretical training of flight crew and engineers;
  • Tactical environment simulation complex;
  • Forward air controller operation station;
  • EATP operation station.

Ka-52 training complex major training facilities are:

  • Theoretical training for flight crews and engineers operating Ka-52 helicopters within the scope of their functional responsibilities;
  • Task-oriented training for flight crews and forward air controllers for combat missions accomplishment according to simulated flight tasks;
  • Training of tactical combat maneuvers individually and in tactical-purpose groups of army aviation on the basis of combat missions simulation using unified information-simulation environment;
  • Readiness test of flight crews, engineers and forward air controllers for task-oriented combat missions performance.

State tests were held by experienced specialists from State Flight & Test Center of Chkalov with the purpose of evaluation, check-up and verification of tactical and operational specifications of the Ka-52 training complex developmental prototype against the approved technical requirements. Among other things, they evaluated the quality of interfaces between the training complex components, which enable them to operate in a shared virtual environment.

Based on the results of testing, CSTS Dinamika received series production recommendations.

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