JSC CSTS Dinamika sponsored a new monument to Peter the Great


JSC CSTS Dinamika sponsored a new monument to Peter the Great, the founding father of the Russian fleet. The unveiling ceremony took place on December 17th 2014 in the Admiralty, St. Petersburg. The monument was placed near the NAVY Headquarters Control Center, which was opened the next day. The Center is to control and coordinate the NAVY activity connected with defense and maintenance of national interests and RF safety in the world ocean.

St. Petersburg vice-governor Alexander Govorunov and RF Navy Commander-in-Chief Victor Chirkov were present at the ceremony.

The monument was designed by the People’s artist of Russia Vladimir Surovtsev. His monuments are mounted in 15 countries including Russia, Scotland, Bulgaria, France, Iceland, Germany, and Czech Republic. His works are displayed at the State Tretyakov Gallery, Royal museum of Army and of military history in Brussels, private collections and other Russian and foreign museums.

Exactly 300 years ago – after the victory of Russian fleet under Peter the Great in a sea battle near Cape Gangut - Russia for the first time asserted itself as a great maritime nation. A new monument in the Admiralty courtyard signifies that Peter’s work lives on and the country’s maritime power remains an important part of RF Armed Forces development.

Leonid Lashkov, Dinamika group executive, made the following statement: «Participation in the making of the monument for Peter the Great is an honor for our company. Fleet development is absolutely impossible without industry development. To each maritime victory there is a contribution by those making its dangerous weapon. From the first military galleys built on Voronezh shipbuilding yards to submarines and cruisers today – that is the long way covered by shipbuilders and all those who contributed to the development of the country’s modern Navy. Peter’s personality, his multisided activity created a basis for Russia’s great power. Today opening this modest but very blessed monument I’d like to repeat one of Peter’s shortest decrees: “Let the fleet be!”

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