Primorsky krai: Army Aviation pilots demonstrate skills at Chernigovka maneuvers


Chernigovka aviation base of the West Military District welcomed joint training of army aviation and air defense with the Ka-52 Alligator and Mi-8 AMTSh Terminator helicopters. During the flight turn pilots performed various-complexity maneuvers with radar suppression to avoid the simulated enemy’s air defense threats.

To provide additional pilot training, Chernigovka had new Ka-52 and Mi-8AMTSh simulators delivered in December 2014. According to the pilots, the simulators enable efficient training in the most difficult piloting techniques and emergency procedures without any risk to man or machine while the training process becomes faster and easier.

The Mi-8 AMTSh and Ka-52 FMS have been designed for integration into training complexes developed in JSC CSTS Dinamika under the 2014 State Defense Order. These simulators are intended for around-the-clock piloting and combat mission training under normal and adverse weather conditions throughout the entire envelope of flight altitudes and speeds. Besides that, the simulators enable practicing of crew procedures for over 100 non-routine situations including those that cannot be safely reproduced on a real aircraft. Apart from the simulators, the abovementioned training complexes also include CBT systems for aircrews and maintenance personnel theoretical training.

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