CSTS Dinamika: IL-78 CBT state testing completed


CSTS Dinamika has passed state tests of the IL-78 CBT.

Designed for the IL-78M refueling aircraft flight crew initial and conversion training, the CBT-78 comprises training, reference and progress assessment systems. Teaching and learning materials are divided into aircraft system-specific sections and topics. There is a capability to select a training track depending on the trainee’s specialization. CBT-78 is available for 6 personnel categories: aircraft commander, senior on-board engineer, flight radio operator, navigator and on-board engineer for troop-carrier equipment. The CBT-78 courseware offers easy-to-understand graphic representation of learning material, rich content and intuitive interface combined with a personalized approach to training. Altogether these features facilitate easy mastering of the training system interface and as a result each trainee can take training at individual speed and can have a possibility of self-test due to progress assessment module on each topic.

CBT-78 essential peculiarity is information redundancy that enables receiving additional technical information not narrowing to flight operations manual.

During the CBT-78 state tests the majority of remarks were resolved quickly.

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