Simulators from A to Z


Children are frequent guests in Dinamika – they usually visit us with excursions. They will get into a simulator’s cockpit, take the control handle or joystick and together with our instructors bravely take “flights” in reality not in dreams.

We can see their eyes shining with delight and it’s understandable. Real simulator has nothing to do with computer aviation sims, here everything is serious.

We always appreciate their sincere curiosity and admiration. We honestly try to answer all their questions – sometimes simple, sometimes difficult, sometimes naïve, but never boring. So once we decided to write a children’s book. At the same time it was interesting to test ourselves: would we be able simply and captivatingly tell about serious but interesting things. And so the book appeared under the title:

AVIATION SIMULATORS. A story for future aviators.

Authors: Andrew BUSHGENS, Svetlana POPOVYAN.

The first edition was out of print immediately during aviation salon MAKS-2013. So we decided to publish it again for the 25th anniversary of the company. This time, besides the photos of simulators, the book contains wonderful illustrations by the artist Irina MAKSUTINA.

Even if together with children the book will be read by their mothers, fathers or grandparents they also will find something new and interesting for themselves. 

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