CSTS Dinamika: for the first time Mi-8MTV-5-1 training complexes to be supplied in an extended version


CSTS Dinamika has been awarded a contract for the delivery of three training complexes for Mi-8MTV-5-1 for MoD RF.

Such complexes were delivered to Russian army before. They consisted of FMS and CBT for theoretical training of flight crews. This time they will be delivered in an extended version:

  • full mission simulator;
  • computer based training;
  • tactical environment simulation complex;
  • forward air controller operation station;
  • Express-Analysis of Trainees Progress (EATP©) operation station.

Such configuration of the training complex enables realization of full-cycle ground training, including the basic course of theoretical studies, developing practical skills of operation with cockpit equipment and FMS training. In fact this is a complete solution that provides the whole training cycle on the ground for air crews participating in combat missions.

The equipment will be delivered by November 2015.

«Dinamika» is one of the main suppliers of aviation training facilities against state orders. The company has developed and delivered simulators of various complexity levels for more than 20 types of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft operated by the Russian army. In particular Mi-8MTV-5- simulators have been delivered since 2010. The key difference of Mi-8MTV-5-1 are the TV-3-117VMA-SBM1V engines that provide one hour of emergency operation, which is vital in terms of flight safety as it enables a helicopter to fly 200 km during an hour with one working engine only. Such engines improve helicopter flight performance due to increased capacity and the ability to operate in mountainous and hot climate areas.

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