• 12-12-2019

CSTS Dinamika builds Russia's first multipurpose simulator complex for initial flight training

CSTS Dinamika has completed state testing of a Multipurpose Simulator Complex for Initial Flight Training (MSC IFT). Featuring a network of basic training devices for coaxial and single-rotor helicopter pilots, the complex provides individual and group training in a wide range of tasks. Notably, the complex can deliver simultaneous training for multiple categories of military flight school cadets.

This is Russia's first simulator complex with a capability to provide multi-level cadet training for different helicopter types. In total, the MSC IFT network includes 60 trainee stations arranged into classes. A training exercise can involve up to 10 classes, with 1 to 6 cadets in each class. Each of the MSC IFT basic training devices can be used to simulate one of the two helicopter types – Ka-226.80 or Ansat-U. One of the complex' most important features is its capability to support group training jointly with Full Mission Simulators (FMS). Within one class, training exercises are managed from the relevant Instructor Station, while joint exercises with multiple classes – from the Head Instructor's Post.

Each trainee station is basically a Procedures Trainer cockpit (which can be configured to simulate one of the supported helicopter types) with an LCD visual system and multipurpose computer system.

The MSC IFT training capabilities include:

  • familiarization with the basic pilot-cockpit interface and flight stages (takeoff, climb, cruise flight, descent, go-around, etc.);

  • basic training in IFR navigation, pilot workload management, communications with the flight control officer, group flights and emergency procedures.

State testing of the MSC IFT to validate the prototype against its design and performance specifications was conducted by experts from Chkalov Flight Testing Center. Among other features, the experts evaluated the MSC IFT network capabilities, which enable proper functioning of the complex' components in a shared virtual environment.

The state testing procedure was finalized with a recommendation for the MSC IFT serial manufacturing.

Компания АО ЦНТУ «Динамика» входит в контур управления холдинга «Технодинамика» Государственной корпорации «Ростех».

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