• 03-03-2016

HTP Ostrava: Mi-171 flew more than 10,000 in Czech Republic

Total flight time of the Mi-171 simulator in Czech Republic’s HTP Оstrava training center is now over 1,000 hours according to the Director Petr Stegner. Since its opening back in 2010, HTP Ostrava has welcomed hundreds of flight crews from Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Afghanistan, the USA, Croatia, Slovakia, Argentina, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Kenya.

The training center НТР is a private civil aviation investment project realized in 2010 jointly by CSTS Dinamika and THT Ostrava CZ, a Czech company. In the framework of this project Dinamika developed and delivered a series of training devices including a CBT system and a Mi-171 FTD. THT Ostrava was the major investor responsible for constructing the premises and international promotion of the center’s services.

The Mi-171 simulator was tested and approved by the helicopter developer Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, and in 2014 passed JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organization) qualification procedure against JAR FSTD H. The simulator has a certificate on compliance with FNPT III MCC level issued by CAA CZ, Civil Aviation Authority Czech Republic.

In 2015 the simulator’s pilot training capabilities were expanded by means of delivery of new equipment and software also developed in Dinamika. Installation of an additional pilot station for the Mi-171 simulator allowed tandem flight training with one of the crews simulating the leading helicopter during a wide range of tandem missions. Annually HTP Ostrava holds international competitions for HIP SIMULATOR CUP among Mi 8/17/171 crews who compete in ability to act in emergencies and difficult flight situations.
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