• 02-08-2016

«Dinamika» restyles its logotype

One of the leading Russian developers and manufacturers of flight simulators CSTS Dinamika restyled its logotype which resulted in different writing of the company’s brand-name. The color palette of the renewed logo uses the same traditional colors – blue and orange.





The restyling reflects changes in our long-term strategy aimed at business diversification and expansion of our product line in various spheres of aviation engineering. In particular, it refers to a great number of UAV researches and advanced R&D that address new products development, including medical, human systems engineering and ergonomic research simulators, etc.

«We are not talking about full change of the brand”, says Director General Vladimir Khvostantsev, “Today there’s no need for drastic changes of the logo, which is well-known and familiar to our partners and customers. Meanwhile we decided to bring our traditional symbol in accordance with the new business realities and to emphasize the fact that our interests are not limited to simulation. That's why our main focus in this makeover was to keep its heritage and value with customers, but at the same time to redefine it. I think we have reached both goals”.
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