• 12-24-2015

CSTS Dinamika completes State Defense order 2015

CSTS Dinamika has completed deliveries under the State Defense Order, in full and on schedule, and provided the RF MoD with the final six integrated training complexes for the Air Force combat units.

The deliveries included Mi‑8AMTSh, Mi‑8MTV‑5, Ka‑52 and Mi‑28N training complexes, developed and built from scratch by Dinamika, and also a training complex for the Su‑30SM fighter, a joint project with the Russian Association Spetstekhnika.

After successful evaluation by the Ministry of Defense Quality Control Agency, the complexes were shipped to their respective deployment locations for installation and commissioning with proper finalization of all the required acceptance documents. Some of the systems were delivered in extended configurations, which enabled significant enhancements of their training capabilities.

Besides the RF MoD training complex contracts, we have recently completed a series of research projects initiated to enhance our core competencies required for business diversification. We have also completed a number of long-term projects including development of an integrated training complex for the Ka‑52K ship-based helicopter and manufacturing of a part-task Il‑76MD‑90A simulator prototype. As for our ongoing projects, we have been proceeding with the development of simulators for medical, human systems engineering and ergonomic research and the re-certification of Czech Republic’s Mi‑171 FTD. Additionally, we have been working at a number new product design and R&D projects.

«We have a very clear understanding of what we must improve and how our product lines will be developing,” says Vladimir Khvostantsev, General Director for CSTS Dinamika, “A significant portion of our business is now dedicated to servicing and post-warranty support of our simulators. So, we are going to continue with our effort to prepare maintenance engineers and technicians for on-site maintenance of our training complexes. However, today our interests go way beyond flight simulation, where most of our professional milestones have been achieved so far. Dinamika has already made considerable progress in a new area – development and manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles; a number of other areas are being developed rapidly as well. We need to move on, and we are ready to master new skills and technologies really quickly.”
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