• 12-01-2015

State Defense order 2015: Dinamika delivers Ka-52 training complex

CSTS Dinamika has completed delivery of an integrated training complex for the Ka‑52 flight and technical personnel procured by the RF MoD under State Defense Order 2015. The system was shipped to its deployment site after successful evaluation by the Ministry of Defense Quality Control Agency and finalization of all the required acceptance documents.

This is the first time the MoD has been supplied with an extended configuration of the Ka‑52 training complex, which enables a full cycle of ground training for the personnel of air units directly participating in combat missions.

The system includes the following components:

  • computer-based training system;

  • full mission simulator;

  • forward air controller (FAC) station;

  • tactical environment simulation system, which enables practicing of the helicopter’s tactical employment techniques;

  • trainees’ progress assessment system, which enables detailed training session analysis during debriefing.

    The system’s training capabilities are as follows:

  • theoretical training for the Ka‑52 flight and maintenance personnel in the scope of their functional responsibilities;

  • task-oriented training of flight crews and forward air controllers for combat missions using simulated flight scenarios;

  • combat mission training for individual pilots and Army aviation tactical groups operating in a shared virtual environment;

  • combat mission readiness testing of flight crews, engineers and forward air controllers.

    “We must keep in mind just how sophisticated modern training systems are. That is why we continue to put a lot of effort in the training of engineers and technicians who will provide maintenance of our new training complexes,” says Vladimir Khvostantsev, General Director for CSTS Dinamika, “It is their competence and skill that will contribute greatly to the extension of the simulators’ service life and failure-free operation.”

    To support this effort, Dinamika’s experts regularly hold training assemblies with local maintenance personnel. The year 2015 saw the fourth such training assembly, which was for the first time attended by the representatives of simulator component manufacturers. Hosted by the Russian Air Force Military Research and Training Center in Voronezh, Dinamika’s second training assembly for the first time attracted not only maintenance engineers and technicians, but also representatives of the RF AF research organizations and the Navy.

Earlier within the framework of State Defense Order 2015 Dinamika supplied the RF MoD with the Mi‑8AMTSh and Mi‑8MTV‑5 training complexes, which were delivered in a similar extended configuration. The new training complexes are expected to improve the quality of training and increase combat readiness of aircrews, maintenance personnel and forward air controllers.
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