• 10-14-2015


Late this September, Czech Republic’s HTP Ostrava held the 5th HIP SIMULATOR CUP, a competition between Mi‑8/17/171 aircrews showing off their skill in coping with emergency and non-routine situations.

This year the trophy was contested between 10 teams from Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. The competition included four flight tasks on the Mi‑171 simulator, a principal asset in the HTP Ostrava technical training complex developed by CSTS Dinamika. With the simulator’s objective progress assessment system the judges were able to analyze each contestant’s performance and determine the HIP SIMULATOR CUP-2015 winners.

Opened for students in 2010, HTP Ostrava has already trained dozens of aircrews from Czech Republic Poland, Hungary, Afghanistan, USA, Croatia, Slovakia, Argentina, Nigeria and other countries. Besides the Mi‑171 simulator mentioned above, the center’s training facilities also include CBT classes for theoretical training. Thanks to the new software and hardware recently procured from CSTS Dinamika (including an additional Mi‑171 crew station), the training center has been able to significantly enhance its training capability, and now, in addition to the usual single-crew training sessions, HTP Ostrava can also offer tandem mission training for two aircrews simultaneously.


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